About the US Balanced Scorecard Institute

The Balanced Scorecard Institute has provided training, certification and consulting services in applying best practices in balanced scorecard (BSC), strategic performance management and measurement, and transformation and change management since 1996.


Its clients include a wide variety of commercial, government, and not-for-profit organisations.


The Institute’s services include public and on-site courses, facilitation and consulting services, and information and tools used by executives, managers and analysts to transform their organizations into “performance excellence” organisations. The Institute also provides, through its balancedscorecard.org website, a resource from which organisations can obtain current information, ideas and best practices based on the lessons learned from extensive experience in building strategic management and performance measurement systems. The Institute’s general approach to the balanced scorecard methodology is summed up in its award-winning Nine Steps to Success® balanced scorecard methodology.


Key attributes of the Institute’s programs:

  • The Institute uses a practical, not academic, approach to building an organization’s system.
  • Emphasis is placed on training so that clients can continue the scorecard journey on their own.
  • The Institute has trained over 5000 participants in industry, public organizations, and not-for-profits in 15 countries.
  • Institute facilitator/consultants are senior level professionals with years of practical experience.

For more information about the Balanced Scorecard Institute, see their extensive website www.balancedscorecard.org