Brief Bio – Dr. Michael Court

Dr Court is Managing Director of Balanced Scorecard Australia with 20+ years of CEO level experience and 15 years of senior consulting experience. His principal interests are in the strategic management of companies and organisations and in the development and implementation of performance measures and scorecard systems. He is a Senior Associate of the USA Balanced Scorecard nstitute and a certified Balanced Scorecard Master Professional. Dr Court’s current and recent consulting activities include:

  • the delivery of public balanced scorecard training programs in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City,
  •  the recent development of a large scale BSC program for the Malaysian State of Sarawak, previous BSC developments for the Mongolian Government, the Bhutan Sovereign Wealth Fund, and the Indonesian Prudential Authority, and
  • current and recent consultancies with STULZ Australia, the Australian Retail Association, Alphacrucis College, TSI Pharmaceuticals, SEQ Water, Golding Contractors, the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Authority, AMCAP Ltd, This Solution, Siemens Australia Ltd, AnglicareSA, , the PNG Air Services Authority, Lifestyle Australia , Highland Coffee Group (Vietnam), and the South East Insurances Group (Thailand).

Earlier career
Michael’s early career was in economics and accounting with one of KPMG’s Australian predecessors and then the Reserve Bank of Australia. He subsequently completed an MBA at the University of Washington and the Advanced Management Program at the Australian Staff College.

He occupied senior executive positions in financial management in both the public and private sectors, culminating as Finance Director and then Secretary of the SA Health Commission. After completing a Ph.D in strategic management, including research periods at the University of Washington and the London School of Economics, he was the inaugural CEO of a new statutory authority for the SA Government.

Michael retired from the public service in 1994 and established his own management consultancy practice specialising in the development and implementation of strategic management and scorecard systems. This became Balanced Scorecard Australia in 2009

     Alan V Fell

     Founder and Director,

     Alan Fell Consultancy Ltd, UK

Brief Bio – Alan Fell

Alan Fell is a UK-based management consultant and trainer, specialising in strategy management / balanced    scorecards and also in financial management.

In the first half of his long career, Alan worked in a large London-based bank where he held a range of senior management positions in the areas of business planning and financial management. In his last banking role Alan led a pioneering balanced scorecard programme from which he comments

      ”I became convinced that a balanced scorecard, provided that it is sensibly designed and rigorously used, can transform the performance of an organisation. Since that early experience in 1994-6 I have been a passionate advocate of the BSC concept”

For the last 20+ years, Alan has operated as an independent management consultant and trainer, with a strong international focus. He has run over 400 training and consulting assignments across the world, from Australia / New Zealand to South Africa, South-East and South Asia and the UK / Europe – and occasionally in N America – but with a special focus on the Middle East.

      Included in his international activities, Alan has been a business visitor to Vietnam many times these last 10 years

Since 2010, Alan has been a Senior Associate of the Balanced Scorecard Institute and has led very many Balanced Scorecard and KPI certified training courses and follow-on implementation consultancy assignments.

Alan also focuses on strategy execution, including regular certified training programmes. He comments …

“Planning is (relatively) easy: the challenge for all organisations is to deliver the plan, to execute successfully the chosen strategy. Simply having a plan is not enough – you need effective management processes and, above all, an aligned business culture”.

Alan also runs regular Financial Management courses with a special focus on cost management, budgeting and rolling forecasts.

  William Anthony Jennings


Brief Bio – William Anthony Jennings

William Anthony (“Tony”) Jennings has 30 years experience in working in international banks, and has lived in Asia for the past 28 years where he has worked in a human resources development role. He is currently residing in Jakarta Indonesia.

Early Career

After working in London and engaging in projects in the USA and Africa, he was transferred to Asia and initially worked on developing competency profiles for Standard Chartered Bank in Malaysia and Hong Kong in 1991 and 1992 which were extended throughout Asia, including the restructuring of Job Descriptions and building new learning and development curriculum based on Competency (skill) gaps.

As part of a project team Tony assisted in developing a competency based performance management system which was rolled out in all branches of the Bank initially in Asia and then worldwide.

In the Mid 1990s, Tony was appointed to senior regional training managerial positions in Hong Kong and   Indonesia.

In 2001, Tony joined The International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Vietnam where he established a new Bank Training Centre for joint stock banks whose customers were predominantly SME’s.  His responsibilities extended to a consultancy role where he has assisted banks in reviewing Human Resource Management Programs, Bank Restructuring and the establishment and implementation of Performance Management systems. His role also covered Cambodia and Laos, and he also assisted Bank Training Centers in West Africa.

Current Activities

Since the end of 2006, Tony has worked as an independent consultant in the Asia Pacific Region. The main focus is on bank restructuring and human resource development including Competency Projects, working on assignments mainly in Vietnam, China and the Middle East in respect of Competency Projects.