Performance Improvement Solutions

Performance Improvement Solutions (“PIS”) is a Vietnamese company dedicated to supporting the growth of businesses in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia by helping them to develop improved skills in strategic management and the use of human resources skills through the application of the Balanced Scorecard methodology and use of meaningful KPIs. It is the local Vietnamese company that is affiliated with Balanced Scorecard Australia. Through this affiliation, it is able to provide professional training courses and consulting services that are provided by Senior Associates of the US Balanced Scorecard Institute. This includes the Institute’s acclaimed 5-day Balanced Scorecard and KPI professional certification programs, with certification by both the Institute and the George Washington University College of Professional Studies.

PIS provides a wide range of training and consulting services in these important areas. The company employs experienced professionals who operate in Vietnamese and English Language and provide practical solutions which are implementable and results orientated.

Our Mission is to provide knowledge, expertise and resources to organizations that wish to start or continue with the development of a modern balanced scorecard system and effective Human Resource management Systems.

Our Services

We provide:

  • Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Applying best practices in strategic performance management
  • Application of the Balanced Scorecard Methodology
  • KPI Advice, assistance and mentoring
  • KPI development and review
  • Performance management reviews
  • Scorecard system audits
  • Human Resources Management Strategy
  • Human Resources Management Systems and Assessment
  • Management Skills Training
  • Leadership and Management Development including Motivation, Employee Engagement, Retention strategies and Coaching
  • Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

In-House and Public Training Programs

We offer internationally recognized and certified public and in-house training courses focusing on best practice in strategic performance management and measurement, and building and implementing modern scorecard systems.

Industry Workshops

A one-day workshop series combining the experience of our Senior Associates with local companies to explore how modern performance systems are adapted and implemented across a range of industry settings.